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This is Why listening to God's Voice and not the Wolve is Vital to your health!!!!!!!

Artifical Disc SCAM!! SCAM!! SCAM!!! I was diagnosed with Cervical and Lumbar hernia. I disagreed that I should get titanium placed him my neck because God told me that he would heal me. I have been getting so much better but the two doctors kept ignoring me. Of courde me being me, I rebuked them both! I told how God can heal and there ware was absolutely not the way1! Then they want it done so quickly, while trying to give you scare tactics. I asked was there another way, they were clueless or lying. I'm so upset about how they have lied. Deuk Spine has been around just hours away from both doctors and they don't know about other other? The Devil is a liar. Then God blessed me to have a doctor who has the surgery when he was twenty years old. He states that he has to have the surgery every twenty years.

God gave me two dreams that he would heal me after the doctor lied to me. I love this doctor already!! I love anybody who tells the truth! He truly seems to care about people! He is telling the truth, people are saying that they still have pain! Doctors, nurses, they all say they still have pain! Well I will do my part to tell more people about Dr. Deuk! We are ministers of God and believe by faith that God is a deliverer. I believe that he uses doctors to bless us the "RIGHT" way!


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