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Published: October 15th, 2017

Bullying in schools, marriages, government, law enforcement and in the workplace can affect all aspects of an individuals life. Today I want to talk about bullying in the workplace.  I wanted to provide you with some tools to help you deal with a bully along with ways to avoid being bullied. I also would like to help you point out who the bully or bullies are. My heart was touched to talk about the bullying subject before we started experiencing our recent bullying. We have experienced many different types of bullies. It's very exhausting standing up to them but we had to do it when it first started, otherwise it would have been more exhausting dealing with it. Not that it has altogether stopped but it has been addressed and is being worked on. With that being said, I pray that this information helps you. Remember, you are important, special, and have a place in life. Bullies are sent by Satan to discourage you on your path. But what the devil has meant for evil, Yah has meant for good. Meaning Yah will get the Glory out of your trials. It may be to help someone else or even yourself. It definitely has given us a different outlook on life. Yah said to beware of touching my called out and chosen ones. It's time out for letting the bully stomp all of you. You have power! Power in the Ruach HaKodesh. listen to Yah's spirit. Speak up and address it immediately; like I did. The process is sometimes long but I got people and Yahushua backing me up. Where I am weak, Yah make me strong. Be encouraged.

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Bullying in the Workplace

by Florence A. Thompson

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