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I Love You!

A Beautiful Song, never written before, that shows the love from creation to creator. Who would've known?

Dear YAH,

I love you

I know deep down in my heart, I don’t deserve you

You’re more than alright

I love you

There’s nobody else I’d rather run or turn too

I love you

The way you came into my life, I won’t desert you

Alright, Alright

I love you

What is wrong you make it right, you said you’d never leave me alone

Who would’ve known you’d touch my life

What was wrong you made it right!

With one thought you loosed the hedge

Poured out your grace and covered my sins!

Who am I for you to look my way

Now I praise you every day!

You even covered all the cost

Saved me from hell, no longer lost!

Because you loved me first, I love you lord

Always had me on your mind

When I was blind you was my guide

You still are


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