Christopher Columbus, 1446?–1506, traditionally considered the discoverer of America 1492.

Timestamp 152:00 Cold Murder

Timestamp: 32:00 Columbus’s Child Sex Slave Trade, 9-10 years old, were in demand. It was written that women killed their children to avoid them going into slavery. Because of Killer Columbus, a group of generations were wiped out forever. Yet, America, with this truth, still has a day celebrated to this wicked warlock. They also have a song that says freedom for all. Was there justice for all at the time that this song was written? That song was not for blacks, if so, then rewrite it?

Thanksgiving, is to give thanks for what? So, you give them money but keep Thanksgiving? What a slap in the faces of those who were butchered. Would your ancestors want a settlement or a day of decay?

......I'll take your land in exchange for businesses I'll let you have on your so-called land. Even though I've already claimed your name, history, daughters, wives, way of living, I still want a percentage of everything your make including the new slaves that we supposedly made FREE! HAHAHAHA! And remember, I discovered this land; although you were in this land first. I rescued you and made you better. Oh yeah, that God you were baptized in before you came over, let's update his name so that you can serve many Gods as your the bible says....Now Say that you see?.....

Time Stamp 47:21 America, you got this land on the five-finger discount, enslaved peo