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This Demonic Influenced Fool done shot this precious jewel. Six year old shot by Asian Man.

True Story: One of my parents and their siblings were shot by a caucasian neighbor after trying to retrieve their ball that went over a fence. Another story, my cousin's arm was grazed by a bullet. Another story, my big brother was shot and killed in cold blood at age 20. So yes, I feel some type of way about this story. The devil uses fools to play out his plans. We fight not against flesh and blood but this is a spiritual warfare. I mean we can quote the bible and say that God will take care of it, Yes he will but he also gave us authority to do our part. God/YAH also said to be a peace-maker because our reward is in heaven. The only way to make peace sometimes is to eliminate those who try to destroy our future! eliminate through defending and/or the law.

With that being said...Although it was said that the Asian man is back in jail, allegedly the caucasian women judge originally let him out on a 10,000 bond. In the court system that means only 10% which do the math. Can you believe this foolishness? Yet people are still celebrating black people Freedom. Some may say that we ain't in bondage as a people physically. Well I will Dbunk that and when we were physically in chains we knew it. Now that we are mentally in chains as a people, many are unaware of the bondage that we still have. God sets us free and when we receive him and get filled with his spirit with the initial sign of speaking in tongues we are no longer bnondage to sin. He has our back when we go through this injustice. That doesn't mean that we lay down and take a beating. Yes, we need to get to stop negro on negro crime and so does everyone else. What does that have to do with a person shooting at a 6 year old brown child, purposely. Only by the grace of Yah, that it missed his main organs. The scriptures say to be angry buy sin not. Yes, and it also say that husband's are to love their wife as christ loved the church and gave his life for it. HE said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. So men are to "NOT"t let the gates of hell prevail against your home. Prevail means to prove more powerful than the opposing forces; be victorious. We have to be slow to speak and quick to hear. Hear what's going on in your neighborhood and don't just watch.

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