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Gambling and Tarrot/Playing Cards

Many of us was taught, like me to play cards at a kindergarten age. It was like an initiation into my family. I was taught how to actually gamble at a later age but never understood why people would take all their money and throw it away by chance. So me gambling would be maybe 20 bucks at a time. With that, I've played spades every weekend; before I got saved and even played it online after I got saved. I have stopped playing spades all together about a year ago because I felt the spirit behind the so-called fun.

However, because of my lack of knowledge, I saw it ok to keep the playing cards in the house just incase I played a card game called, "I Declare War," with my husband.

Before I gave my life to Yahushua, in high school, I was introduce to a witch who told me about her many demon encounters; while telling me my future. I actually use to promote her readings. She had invited me to a witches meeting but I felt strange about going. I felt being a a big circle with witches was not a good choice for me. Later a best friend of mine tried to get me to read witchcraft books with her but I was never interested like she was. Three years later, I asked Yahushua to come into my life and two years later I received the holy spirit and was baptized again in his name.

So, today at about 5 am in the morning, I woke up with the remembrance of God showing me; in a dream, that playing cards have a separate meaning than what I was previously using them for.

In my dream; their three cards that appeared big before me, as if someone was holding them in front of me, from behind me. In the back of the cards were one of the most famous singers in the world who had passed years ago. God was showing me that they had a connection with those cards and that Satan wanted me to believe that I could use the cards for reading my future like people do with horo (horror) scopes.

Once God showed me that playing cards has a connection to witchcraft, I woke up and started to look for the ones that I had in the house with my husband. God told me that they were in a certain closet in the house, so I went to it. I open the closet door and picked up a container filled with important papers that connected my daily and past life practices. In that container, the playing cards had been scrambled up with other things that were in the container. As I went through the container, I saw about a half of a deck but the same two cards that I saw in the dream, my husband had found them.

After destroying those cards, I searched the internet. I ran across a witches site that was recently updated about the meaning of playing the cards. Let me say this before I continue, Just because the reading of horoscopes and cards may be positive, it does not mean it comes from the God of creation. Next, I looked up videos on youtube relating to witchcraft and using the playing cards. I've found videos of a witch and warlock showing people how to use playing cards for future tellings.

Witchcraft comes in all shapes, sizes and internet games. We as Yah's people have to beware of satan tactics. If you are lead to not participate, then there is a reason. You may be close friends with a witch and not know it. Watch your surroundings because we have witches in the church.

Yah bless all who have an ear to hear.

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