Christianity Truth or Falsehood? by Ex-Apostolic Christians

Just a few things. What was the son of Yahs/Gods name at the time his name was first written?

Remember, there is no other name under heaven where by we must be saved. Was it Jesus or another name, originally? Yes you were baptized and spoke in tongues. Remember, Yah winked at our ignorance and judged our hearts. He knew you wanted him by faith and not because you called on the name Jesus.

What about people who received the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh! before the translation of Jesus being the name?

Let's study people! Don't trust the name given to us by the ones who put us into slavery to vaccinate and recreate us for spiritual and natural death. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; Not just some of it; when it is comfortable for you. After doing doing that, all these things shall be added unto you., If your belief is not found in the original scriptures written, word for word, then where did it come from?

This is the creator of the universe we are talking about so his name matters more than any ones. Also, they even changed the name of the people in the bible because Yah's name where the foundation of many of them.

Stay Tuned to the Holy Ghost/Ruach HaKodesh!

The Hebrew names used in these lessons and many others that appear in the KJV are written below with their meaning and their King James Counterparts.

– Numbers 6:27….“And they shall put my name upon the children of Yshra’al; and I will bless them.”