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Minister of Wellness "Yah Promoted Medicine for the Body!"

In this video, The Minister of Wellness, Nathanial Jordan actually shows and gives you Yahly advice on what foods can be medicine to your body. So instead of just maintaining your medical issue/s, let's start the healing process through a promised healing process through original eating habits! Eat like your forefathers ate and put down the daily toxic drugs of junk foods and man made death traps!

You do not have to die young. You do not have to be drug addicted! You do not have to be a pawn for the pharmaceutical industry! Foods that you, yourself, can purchase from the local grocery stores and could gear you a step away from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and so much more! Take this process one day at a time if you have too but take the necessary steps to live that life that Yah has attended you to live!.

Pray, fast and keep your mind, body and soul in the Straightway Journey!

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