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A History of the True Hebrews

Liars, Liars, pants on fire!! And I do mean that literally!!!

Shame on the leaders who know the truth and do not tell God's chosen people! Shame on those who deny the truth just to gain members and money! Shame on those false prophets, numerology witches, and all who use demons to gain power and wealth!!!

But remember the truth will never be hidden to those who believe. Only those who do not believe. So those who are struggling with the truth. I know it's hard to believe many these days. So many witches in the "Pulpit" of hell. So many under hypnosis. So it's hard for many to escape the mind control.

So if you want to be set free right now; say father, in the name of Jesus, and plead the blood of Jesus over your whole body, life, past and future! Rebuke any curses that may have been spoken into your life, and put your full trust and cares in Jesus and he will direct you into all truth!

Believe that! Praise Jesus!!!

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